xpdAcq organizationΒΆ

Welcome to xpdAcq organization!

We are a group focusing on developing software toolkits for powder diffraction experiments. Our focuses are, but not limited to, automation of experiments, real-time data analysis and metadata management which enables future data mining. We collaborate closely with NSLS-II software team, where is the home for many high quality software toolkits.

Currently we have released two Python packages:

  • xpdAcq

    The package handles acquisition activities for experiment, ranging from executions to metadata management.

    For more information, please refer to xpdAcq full document.

    For a quick yet comprehensive introduction, please refer to xpdAcq quickstart.

  • xpdAn

    The package provides a platform for live data analysis and visualization.

    For more information, please refer to xpdAn full document.

This group is lead by Professor Simon Billinge at Columbia University.